Support Services

Support Services

At The Hawthorns School we value all children equally. We recognise that we will need to consider the individual needs of pupils when planning our curriculum and some pupils will need additional support.

If as a parent/carer you have any concerns with regards to your child’s development please initially consult with your children’s teacher.

The Hawthorns have involvement with the following support services:

Senior Educational Psychologist
Speech and Language Therapist
Learning Support services
Occupational therapist
Teacher for Visually impaired Children
Teacher for Hearing Impaired Children
Home school Liaison Officer
Children Adolescents Mental Health Service
Vulnerable Childrens services
Berkshire Anxiety Clinic
Educational welfare Officer
Social Services
Special Educationl Needs Case Officer
Daisys dream
Naomi House-sibling support worker
Disabled Childrens Services
Senior teacher for vulnerable children
Senior support worker for Vulnerable Children
MENCAP- family Support
School Nurse
Wokingham Childrens Club Supervisor
English Additional Language Advisor for Wokingham

Useful parental links for support services in the area are: -  supports children and their families following bereavement. –  information and support for children and their families – a leading provider of support for carers and the people they care for.


Wokingham Boruough Online directory

 The type of information that can found:

Family Information Servie (FIS)  -a one stop shop for information about help, support, and services for families and adults in Wokingham Borough Council telephone on 0118 974 6000.