Pupil Premium

What is PPG?

The primary aim of our school is to ensure that all children have access to every aspect of the school's provision to help them attain the highest possible standards of progress and achievement, in relation to their individual starting points. Every effort is made to ensure all pupils make excellent progress and to do so, some children may require additional support and resources from time to time. The school is allocated additional funding each year to support eligible children, in the form of the Pupil Premium Grant, or ‘PPG’.

If they qualify, children can receive free school meals in KS2 and reduced costs towards some after school activities or curriculum enrichment opportunities such as learning to play a musical instrument.

If you are registered for Pupil Premium, you may also get help with the cost of day trips and residential trips.

This additional funding allows us to provide an even better education for your child through the purchase of additional resources or staff to support learning.

Who receives the Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium is allocated to pupils in school year groups from Reception to Year 6 for:


  • families who are registered for Free School Meals (FSM), or who have been registered for FSM at any point in the last six years (known as ‘Ever 6’),

  • looked after children

  • children who have been adopted

  • children under Special Guardianship, a Child Arrangement Order or a Residence Order


What is the Service Premium?

The Service Premium grant is for pupils who have a parent serving in the armed services. Unlike the

Pupil Premium, this grant is not solely for raising attainment but for providing additional (mainly

pastoral) support.


Who receives the Service Premium?

Pupils with a parent currently serving in the armed services and supporting their family, pupils who

have a parent who died in action and those whose parents have left the service since April 2012 for

other reasons, including injury.


The school has a very small proportion of children who are eligible for pupil premium.


Who should parents contact for further information?

Contact the school administrator if you would like to find out more about registering your child for

free school meals. This information will be held confidentially by the school. The administrator

should also be able to direct you to any reports the school has produced relating to the use of the

pupil premium.

The Headteacher or the Chair of the governing body on behalf of the governors can offer further

information to those parents enquiring about the use of the Pupil Premium.