Our Parent Support Advisor

Hello my name is Denise Hook and I am the Parent Support Advisor here at The Hawthorns Primary School.

My role is to work with you as parents/carers in order for your child/ren to get the very best from his/her time at our school.  I am here to support you with any worries you may have about your child/ren or situations that arise at home that could impact on your child/ren.  I also play a large part in the transition of your child/ren from Year to Year and moving onto secondary school.

I can be contacted anytime during my working hours Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 08.30 – 16:00 hours through the main school switchboard, Option 3.  All messages left are treated as confidential.

Alternatively you can drop me an email to the address below; 


I am always happy to spare some time if you just need a quick chat or meetings can be arranged to suit your busy lives.

I am looking forward to meeting and working with families and will always treat matters discussed as confidential.   We all have different worries and no question or concern is either too small or too big to work through.  I may not always have the answers however I would try and find someone who does through my network of professionals I work with.

Some of the concerns you may have:

“My child/rens behavior has changed, Why?”
“My child/ren doesn’t want to go to school but will not tell my why?”
“My child/ren is having friendship issues – how can the school help him/her?
“My marriage/relationship is breaking down and I need some advice”
“I am having financial difficulties – what help is available?”
“I am struggling to fill in these forms”
“I don’t fit in on the playground”
“My child has Special Needs and I don’t know where to get support”
“I am new to the area, where can I meet other parents and join clubs for my children?