Outdoor learning

Welcome to Outdoor Learning at The Hawthorns Primary School

At The Hawthorns our Outdoor Learning sessions provide a nurturing, safe space that supports our children’s wellbeing by providing positive child led experiences in a natural environment.  The children have regular opportunities to participate in forest school, whatever the weather and take part in a variety of activities which help the children to develop their self esteem and take control of their own learning.  The children are given the chance to explore, make connections with the natural world around them and to show care and respect for all things. Our Outdoor Learning sessions encourage our children to develop their creativity, confidence and resilience through regular exploration of the natural world as well as develop cooperation through teamwork.

The Hawthorns has its own woodland area at the back of the school field.  It is always outside and we have a simple tent for a shelter.  Next to the entrance is a purpose-built fire pit with seating.  The area is managed sympathetically with the natural world in mind and native wild plants and small creatures are nurtured.

The Outdoor Learning curriculum is as wide as possible and although it is carefully planned it is often initiated and led by the pupils. Sessions can be linked and learning is gradually developed.  Within the sessions, as well as child lead and other creative activities, pupils are taught traditional forestry skills, to appreciate the natural environment and to become responsible for their own safety through controlled risk taking and learning together.

At The Hawthorns we draw links with our school curriculum through our Aspirational Qualities of collaboration, creativity, curiosity, independence, kindness and resilience.

Outdoor Learning – March 2023

It has been brilliant to welcome new classes to our forest, they have been exploring the new areas and have shared some great ideas about how we could make it even more interesting!

The children have been observing the different types of birds that can be found in our environment this week and also making bird feeders; we became investigators while trying to work out what other creatures had been feasting on our creations!  

We also enjoying making, tossing and ‘eating’ pancakes in our mud kitchen! The older children were keen to make swings and showed fantastic teamwork while working out how to make them safe and secure.