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Ms Raha Razeghi

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Nicola Wallace

Leader of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Mrs Charlotte Irving

School Business Manager

Mrs Claire Martin

Foundation Stage

Mrs Jane Milne – EYFS Phase Leader

Mrs Jane Milne – EYFS Robins

Mrs Lizzie Rutter – EYFS Doves

Key Stage One

Miss Rebecca Reading – Year 1, 2 and 3 Phase Leader

Miss Lauren Seymour  – Year 1 Nuthatches

Miss Rebecca Bailey – Year 1 Sparrows

Miss Rebecca Reading– Year 2 Red Kites

Miss Lucy Brown – Year 2 Cuckoos

Key Stage Two

Mrs Lucy Hall –Years 4, 5 and 6 Phase Leader

Miss Elizabeth King – Year 3 Blackbirds

Miss Sophie Carpenter – Year 3 Goldfinches

Miss Emma Griffin – Year 4 Swallows

Mrs Gail Graham – Year 4 Owls

Mrs Petrina Wallace – Year 5 Starlings

Mrs Claire Brayne – Year 5 Kingfishers

Mrs Lucy Hall – Year 6 Woodpeckers

Mrs Megan Ni Luain – Year 6 Magpies

Specialist Staff

Mrs Colette Burgess – ICT Technician

Mrs Vicki Clark – Outdoor Learning Teacher

Cover Supervisor

Mrs Vidhya Sreenivas – Teaching Cover Provider

PA to Headteacher and Clerk to Governors

Mrs Pippa West

Administration Team

Mrs Carla Mead

Mrs Amanda Atkinson

Site Manager

Mr David Cardrick

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Sandra Binyon – EYFS

Mrs Ellen Povey – EYFS

Mrs Yvonne Boadu – EYFS

Mrs Sidra Gull – EYFS

Mrs Ally Morgan – Year 1

Mrs Dawn Wojcik – Year 1

Mrs Caroline Chaytor – Year 1

Mrs Hannah Foster – Year 1

Mrs Ellen Winfield – Year 2

Mrs Sidra Gull – Year 2

Miss Shefali Kelkar – Year 2

Mrs Sharon Nandra – Year 3

Mrs Amanda Penhaligon – Year 3

Mrs Vidhya Sreenivas – Year 4

Mr Ben Murray – Year 4

Mrs Julie Boothroyd – Year 4

Mrs Dhananjani Herath – Year 5

Mrs Jackie Steveni – Year 5

Miss Grace Maher - Year 5

Mrs Aarti Tahiliani – Year 6

Mrs Ann Price – Year 6

Mrs Nicola Davies – Year 6

Cleaning Team

Mr Robert Mitchell

Miss Adrienne Stanley

Mrs Carole Hearn

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Jill Kirkwood

Lunchtime Controllers

Mrs Dawn Wojcik

Mrs Diane Rowe

Mrs Sue Schafer

Mrs Sam Rivieccio

Mrs Dominika Dawlud

Miss Shelley Malyon

Mrs Carole Hearn

Mrs Iris Cheng

Mrs Alison Clark


Mrs Emma Bradberry